I started to shoot what eventually became this series “Berlin 365” in 2016, when the company where I work at as a content marketing editor moved to a unique spot at Berlin’s main river Spree – right across one of the city’s most characteristic landmarks, our Fernsehturm.

I was amazed by the everchanging faces of the very same view, hour by hour, day by day, and sometimes minute by minute. I took a photo now and then, randomly, until I realized something. I had finally found that one spot that I as a photographer had been looking for since I saw the movie “Smoke” in the mid-nineties for the first time: back then I was inspired by the idea of taking a picture of the same view day after day – in the movie it happened to be black and white photographs of an intersection, every day at the exact same time and angle, taken for many years. What a treasure of captured moments: gone in an instant, unaware of itself, but forever preserved. I loved the idea.

So this was my chance, and I started to cherish my office view through my passion for photography. It’s not people and cars that change the mood of the capture. It’s a permanent metamorphosis of the sky, the dynamics of the clouds, the different shades of blue, grey, pink, and orange from morning until nightfall, the sunbeams, the raindrops and the snowflakes.

I can’t wait to take the next picture.

A selection of this series is available as high quality wall art prints here: Aurica Voss Prints @ www.pixels.com

Check out my Instagram account for my (almost) daily Berlin skyline pictures: https://www.instagram.com/orimon_photo/

Click on image to enlarge and get to slideshow.

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